Garage Door Sales and Installation

Garage Door Sales and Installation

Professional New Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Sales and Installation

Garage door sales and installation are available when you call our service number at 267-300-0014

We serve Philadelphia, and the surrounding area, as well as the entire Montgomery County. 

Perhaps, you don’t know, but the garage door is the heaviest in your house. Your garage door parts include tension springs, rollers, pullies, and brackets.

To lift such a heaviest above-the-head garage door, we also install a garage door opener to operate your garage door.

Local Garage Door Company

We are a local garage door company located in Willow Grove, north of Philadelphia. With this in mind, we serve the entire Montgomery County. When you deal with your garage door, you want to hire the best garage door company in the area. This is where EZ Garage Doors LLC steps in to support you in the most complicated door project in your home. 

We invite you to visit our store on 405 W. Moreland Rd, Willow Grove, PA: 19090 to see our collection of new garage doors in our showroom. To point out, we can discuss garage door sales and installation and your garage door needs. Furthermore, we will show you several examples of garage doors, including colors and designs.

We have years of proven experience to complete your garage door project in a fairly timely manner and with top-quality results. That is to say, we already served thousands of customers providing them with the best in garage doors, leaving our customers happy and satisfied with their new garage door. Not only do we provide quality garage door services, but we also do it with a smile. Don’t take our word for that, search our online reputation and read for yourself about hundreds of positive feedback we already got from thousands of customers. 

From a simple garage door repair service to a completely new garage door installation, we are the company you want to deal with. We promise you won’t regret your decision to hire EZ Garage Doors LLC.

Our Garage Door Services

Perhaps, you’re wondering what repair and installation of garage door involve? Garage doors involved many part, small or large. Dealing with some of the parts can be very dangerous. For instance: replacing or installing springs to your garage door should be very carefully with much of attention to safety. If the spring gets released without attention to safety it can either injure or kill the professional, let a long another person from your family that closed by to the working area in your garage.

This is the reason why you want to deal only with the experts of EZ Garage Doors LLC and not dealing with anyone pretending to be a garage door technician. 

We would like to describe our services so you know what we do when you hire us to install a new garage door from scratch. 

Panels – 

Garage door panels are big and heavy. When we install garage door panels we inspect every screw that involves holding the panel in place.

Opener/Engine – 

A reliable garage door opener is an invaluable asset for your home. Not only do you rely on the garage door opener to provide year-round access to your vehicle and storage, but garage door openers also serve as an important security feature for your home.

Rollers – 

Garage door rollers are often one of the first parts to show signs of wear and tear. They can become noisy and create rolling resistance which can affect the opener. Replacing the rollers can reduce noise and restore normal function to the door.

Brackets – 

Garage door brackets are the parts that hold the tracks in place, so the tracks don’t move when the door is operated up and down.

Hinges –

Garage door hinges are the parts that hold the tracks in place and when you open or close the garage door, the brackets allow the curve in the ceiling. Residential garage doors are smaller and less loaded, so they require thinner hinges. Typically, 14-gauge hinges are used in home garage doors, but some people also use 16-gauge and 18-gauge hinges.

Pulleys – 

Garage door pulleys are a mechanism that allows a heavy weight to be lifted with minimal force. They are installed above the horizontal tracks on either side of the door.

Tracks –

The pair of left and right vertical garage door rails are must-have garage hardware to keep your door functioning well. If your garage door tracks/rails are old, rusty, or noisy then it’s time to renew them with our super heavy-duty tracks, a great solution for making sure that your garage door works smoothly

Remote Control – 

The remote control allow you to open or close your garage door while you still sitsafety in your car. This feature not just very comfortable, but keeps you safe as well.