We often get busy with many important things that we forget the more important ones. For instance, your garage door may seem fully functional and safe. But that doesn’t mean it won’t pose a risk to your children.
The little hands only look for playful moments, even on complex devices or objects. Likewise, your garage door can turn risky for your kids if they don’t know the safety concerns. That brings the need to teach them about garage door safety. Let’s jump in!

Keeping Safe Distance from Moving Garage Door 

We should first teach them to keep fun and garage doors away from one another. Your children must maintain a safe distance from a moving garage door. That’s because malfunctions while opening or closing them can lead to unfortunate accidents. And you don’t want those innocent little souls to face the consequences of ignorance.

Teaching Kids the Basic Functions of Garage Door 

Now comes the theory. Set aside time to sit with your kids and tell them how the door works. Discuss the various components of your garage door and their respective functions. Talk about your garage door remote, hinges, opener, tracks, operator rail, and photo eyes. This knowledge is crucial for their safety and our mental peace.

Pushing the Boundary Button: Away from Remote Control 

A safety step we must take is keeping the remote control of garage doors away from little hands. Accessing a keypad or garage door opener would only raise safety concerns. But with this step, you can reset your kid’s safety.

Climbing Doors Isn’t Child’s Play: Garage Door Safety Essential 

One thing that can pull children toward garage doors is the reinforcement struts on their undersides. They may feel excited to climb and have fun as these fixtures look like ladders to your kids. You must tell them to keep a safe distance from these struts.

Hands Off from Garage Door Cables to Prevent Danger

Your garage door goes up or comes down with the help of lifting cables. You will find them on either side of the door. Children must know that these cables remain under extreme pressure and are unsafe for playful activities. 

Spring into Safety: No Playing Near Garage Door Springs

You must know the type of garage door spring system you have. You can spot extension springs over the horizontal tracks and torsion springs above the door.
After knowing the spring type, show it to your children and tell them to avoid touching it. You can also go a step further in teaching them to alert adults about broken springs. These steps go a long way in boosting garage door safety for everyone. 

Responsibility Call: Letting Older Kids Take the Lead 

Allow your older children to share garage door safety lessons with your younger kids. This way, you give them the responsibility to keep their younger siblings safe from unfortunate danger. Moreover, watch all of them and ensure they don’t play near the garage door. 

Secret Code: Teaching Kids to Keep Access Codes Confidential 

Tell your little champs to keep the access code between them and their family members. It’s one of the most crucial steps to avoid risky accidents with other children.

The road to garage door safety is teaching kids about safety concerns. Moreover, contact professionals for repair or replacement immediately after spotting issues. 

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