As a homeowner, you know how these two things matter for your garage door: look and function. Any damage or issue means you have to act immediately. And what if it’s a breakdown? All attention will then come to your garage door panel. You will possibly think about replacing it. Or, you’ll watch videos that show how to fix garage door panels. But wait! Choosing between DIY and professional service is a careful decision. And so, we have answered some of your common questions to simplify your replacement process. 
Fix the Garage Door Panel

Why Should You Replace Your Garage Door Panel?

Garage door panels are the individual portions of the garage door when you view them from outside. These panels feature independent movement for smooth up-and-down movement of your garage door. But do you know that garage door panels may face problems because of accidents, wear, or weather?  Problems with the door panel would negatively affect your garage door’s operation and look. And that’s when garage door panel replacement will lead to better efficiency and cost savings than garage door replacement. 

Positive Sides of Replacement

Better Safety- Due to damaged panels, intruders can easily get inside your garage. However, you can avoid that by replacing your garage door panels. 

Boosts Curb Appeal- Replacing worn-out panels improves your home’s overall appearance. 

Hassle-Free Movement- Damage to your garage door panels may cause issues like uneven movement or stuck doors. You can fix these issues by replacing your garage door panels. 

Signs of Damage in Your Garage Door Panel

Appearance of Cracks- Do you see unwanted fractures or cracks in the panels of your garage door? Excess wear and tear and weather conditions can lead to these problems. A timely garage door panel replacement can help you overcome this issue. 

Minor or Major Dents- You may also spot dings and dents on the garage door panels. These issues may come from weather conditions, children playing around, or vehicles hitting the garage door. Although minor dents may seem okay, major ones demand a quick panel replacement. 

Panels Starting to Warp- You will likely see wooden panels starting to bow or warp for changes in temperature and humidity. That makes the panels out of shape, unappealing, and poor in movement. Replacement is the best step you can take in these situations. 

how to fix garage door panel

Do You Know How to Fix the Garage Door Panel? 

Learning how to fix garage door panels is not an overnight step. You need safety precautions, professional tools, and expertise to do this task. Here is how the professional replacement is a better and safer decision.  

Safety Precautions- You will likely face injuries or other risks while handling heavy garage doors. Trained experts can take care of the safety needs while working.

Unmatched Expertise- Having the right experience and skills is vital before replacing your garage door panels. Professional technicians have in-depth knowledge of managing these replacement tasks. 

Investment- Any mistakes from your side can cause more complications and expenses later. But there you have professionals who do things quickly and carefully, saving you time and money. 

Steps to Take Before Replacing

Here are the steps to prepare for garage door panel replacement.

  • You must take correct measurements of your door panels for proper fitting.
  • Always prefer garage door panels that complement your door’s layout.
  • Keep the replacement site clear and free from any distractions. 

Maintenance Tips Should Follow After Installation

Finally, the better you maintain your garage door panels, the better they perform and the longer they last. Go for regular garage door inspections from professionals and apply lubricant to the moving parts for smooth movement.

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