Having an energy-efficient home is the goal of many homeowners. Just like them, you will likely take steps for better energy efficiency. And one thing that you can think about is insulating your garage door.

This post is all about showing you the various aspects of this step including the use of garage door insulation panels. And you will also know the various benefits of insulating garage doors. 

Different Garage Door Insulation Panels

Here are the three popular insulation panels to consider:

  • Firstly, we have polyurethane foam panels with wonderful insulation features. These panels have a higher thermal resistance or R-value and fit well into those door sections.
  • Second in the list are polystyrene panels. These panels are lightweight, affordable, and come with moderate insulation. They are available in multiple thicknesses and provide easy installation. 
  • Finally, reflective foil panels come with reflective surfaces to push away the heat. These panels are compatible with metal garage doors. 

Why Should You Insulate Your Garage Doors? 

Safety of Your Belongings- Your possessions are always at risk of damage because of extreme temperature changes. Garage door insulation panels avoid these temperature fluctuations to protect your tools, vehicles, and other belongings. 

Savings on Energy Bills- Can you save money by installing insulation panels? Yes! These panels lower the transfer of heat between the outer surroundings and your garage. And that way, you depend less on your cooling and heating systems. 

Lowers the Noise- By insulating your garage doors, you create a barrier against noise. That lowers the escape of internal noise and the entry of external sounds. 

Less Damage and More Durable- Thanks to garage door insulation, your doors will have an extra layer of durability. That lowers the chances of damage from the elements. 

Limiting the Possibilities of Home Break-Ins- Garage door insulation panels are wonderful barriers to temperature and intruders. A garage door with a solid structure stands tall against these issues. 

Convenient Temperature- Another great thing about insulating garage doors is the comfort they bring because of the insulation. So, if you are using your garage as a workspace, you won’t face issues because of outdoor temperatures. 

Need Help with Professional Garage Door Repair? 

As we have seen, insulating your garage doors brings a lot of benefits and energy savings. But we should remember other vital things about garage doors. First comes the need for professional garage door repair. And here are the signs that indicate you must call a professional. 

  • The rollers of your garage doors are coming off the track. 
  • Your garage door moves slowly. 
  • If you notice excess jerks while closing your garage door, it’s time for repair. 
  • You have a noisy garage door. 
Professional Garage Door Repair

Next comes garage door panel replacement when you notice signs like higher energy bills, wear and tear, and uneven operation. So, insulating your garage doors is a wise decision. But you should also focus on other important things like repairs and replacement to keep your garage doors in the best condition.

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