Being a homeowner has its comfortable and challenging sides. Sometimes, you can have a good night’s sleep knowing every aspect of your home is stable and damage-free. Other times, you stay busy with your annual inspection checklist to avoid costly repairs. Between these two extremes, you may forget about the inspection needs of your garage door.

This garage door inspection guide won’t leave you wondering what to do next. It will show you how to maintain your garage door’s function and safety. 

Annual Check to Avoid Wreck: Knowing the Importance 

The Cost-Cutting Decision:

Thoughts about budget come to mind when planning your garage door maintenance. You expect a better return and longevity as you invest significant cash on the door.
The best thing to do is maintain your garage door regularly. This simple decision keeps you from costly repairs that may arise due to ignorance. 

Shield Against Extreme Temperatures:

You will likely notice environmental and weather-related problems affecting your garage door. Extreme temperatures lower the functionality of garage doors and also invite pests. With proper lubrication and annual maintenance, you can avoid these unwanted issues. 

Check, Test, Secure: Your Garage Door Inspection Guide 

Here is a well-structured garage door inspection guide for maximum security. 

Eye on the Garage Door’s Condition-

Focus on the overhead door. Do you see indications of aging, like cracking on the door’s panels? It is crucial to fix this issue before it becomes a major problem.

Firm Grip on the Door’s Hardware-

Loose hardware can lead to problems with garage door movement. Be sure to tighten the bolts of the roller, roller track, and brackets for a smooth operation. 

A trio of Cables, Springs, and Chains-

The next area to consider is garage door cables, chains, and springs. These parts allow smooth movement of the door and prevent slamming. Your annual maintenance checklist helps avoid unnecessary problems in these parts. 

Turning Your Gaze toward Weather Seal-

Keeping the weather seal intact is vital to protect your home and garage from the elements. Timely maintenance helps identify if these weather seals become worn. 

A Quick Glimpse of Manual Release Handle-

A definite way to avoid undesired emergencies is by checking the manual release handle. It lets you manually detach your garage door, helping you close or open it.
Each garage must have this fixture to ensure safety standards. Here are the things you need to keep in mind:

  • It should be easy to reach this release handle.
  • The handle must be easily accessible and have a red mark for clear identification. 
Safety Check for Garage Door Sensors-

The garage door inspection guide also includes checking the reversal feature of the door’s photoelectric sensors. See if the door moves back to a completely open position when something comes in its way. 

Buttons and Remote Controls Under Observation-

The wall-mounted garage door opener must have a unique passcode for security. Moreover, test the functionality of all the switches and remote controls. Also, all wall-mounted controls must be at least 5 feet above the ground to avoid children’s access. 

Skillful Service: Routine Maintenance for Smooth Operations

Having a professional inspect your garage door is the best thing you can do. Avoiding DIY keeps you from risks and costly expenses arising from unidentified issues. And above all, experts have the right tools and experience to handle all minor and major garage door issues. 

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